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What Are the Market Prospects of the 3D Printer Market? TUHUI 3D Wall Painting Machine, Where There is a Wall, There is a Market

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Update time : 2021-09-14 16:11:35

What Are the Market Prospects of the 3D Printer Market?
TUHUI 3D Wall Painting Machine, Where There is a Wall, There is a Market

Do you want a product that can easily integrate art into life? It can bring customers a brand new, individual and artistic decoration experience. Does your client want to print a distinctive, realistic, and imaginary pattern on the wall, but you have no ideas? Does your client want indoor wall decoration that is pleasant to the heart and enhances the taste of the room layout? A wall painter may be what you want.

Wall painting is very common in the past two or three years. According to our survey, many businessmen choose to start their businesses and have been working for more than a year. Now their business is turned out to be successful. However, there are still some people who report that the market for wall painting machines is not in a good state. If you feel that the wall painting machine market is not good, it has a lot to do with the local market. If you are in a place where there are not many people who want to decorate the wall or outdoor wall decoration, then the market is certainly unexpected for many entrepreneurs. 

What Is a Wall Printer & What Can a Wall Printer Do? 

The wall printer is a high-tech product and does not require too much investment. It has a wide range of applications. The machine can print any pattern you need on the wall and the printed effect is out of most customers’ expectations. 


Business wall advertisements, or outdoor wall decoration, interior decoration, various promotional slogans, etc., can be printed without manual work and can be printed directly with a wall printing machine. It is time-saving and labor-saving. The pictures drawn by the 3D intelligent wall painting machine have the advantages of bright colors, rich materials, unique personality, super-expressive power, health, environmental protection, and elegance. It has an insuperable edge over the traditional decoration materials. The painted patterns not only have a variety of patterns and distinctive personalities but also use the latest environmentally friendly Eco-solvent inks, which are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, healthy, and not pungent. After drying, it is a flexible coating for the wall. The ink-covered substrate is anti-corrosion, anti-aging, non-fading, non-shedding, non-reflective, and will not cause any harm or adverse effects to the human body.


A 3D wall printing machine will satisfy what customers like and want. It can make the wall personalized, vivid, artistic, self-excited, and have its character and style. The 3D intelligent wall printer machine completely overcomes the disadvantages of traditional hand-painted handicrafts, such as strong professionalism, art skills, time-consuming, high cost, and small scope of application. It is an irreversible change in wall painting technology. But the wall printers can be widely used in hotels, restaurants, karaoke halls, schools, kindergartens, family TV background walls, image walls. The wall painting function can realistically paint married wedding photos, personal photos, time and space photos on the walls as you like. It is very suitable for all kinds of decoration companies, decoration engineering teams, outdoor advertising companies, and other procurement development businesses.

The Price of the Wall Printer

The price of the wall inkjet printer itself is relatively low because of the low production cost. The production cost per square meter is about $2-3, and the market price is generally around $ 80-300 (depending on the regional market conditions, the price will be different, this is what I investigate from the user data). For all kinds of advertising companies and decoration companies, it is a very good investment direction, and it can also be developed in conjunction with the company's own business. Based on the above data calculation, its return on investment is very impressive.

Some Advice to Purchase a Wall Printer

The wall printer is gradually developing rapidly as a creative characteristic industry in the decoration market of various countries. Wall painting is entering people's lives with an unstoppable force. This industry has been receiving attention, and I think there will be a lot of demand for decoration.

If you want to develop the wall printing machine market well, first of all, you must purchase a machine with good printing quality and long-term stable operation. Only when the machine is stable can we develop our business with peace of mind and obtain the greatest return on investment. If you want to start to develop the wall painting market, it is recommended to find a manufacturer to purchase machines. 3D intelligent wall painting machine is a professional R&D and manufacturer with strong accumulated technical force, stable equipment quality control, perfect after-sales service, and cooperation and labor-saving.
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