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Your guide to 3 of the top small format UV printers for 2021

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Your guide to 3 of the top small format UV printers for 2021

Inkjet printing is so widely used in nearly every industry as an integral part of a business. Inkjet printing can be used for anything from packaging designs to personalized items, the applications are endless. Perhaps the most popular applications for inkjet printing reside in the promotional market. Now, more than ever before, companies are attempting to reinforce their brand and spread their advertising message through giveaways and sales pieces.


What is small format printing?

Small format printing is the process of printing images directly to multiple small parts in a single print cycle. Small format printing differs from conventional offset printing as it is most often done using a digital inkjet machine that deposits small droplets of ink directly onto a part rather than the use of ink transferring by pad printing plates. The amount of parts printed in a single cycle varies based on inkjet bed size.
Some of the benefits that attract business to UV printers are: 
1. Eco-friendly UV solvent ink 
2. Faster production speeds
3. Lower cost because no need for additional materials 
4. Simple operation 

Top 3 Small Format UV Printers for 2021

Small format UV printers for sales in the market are mainly flatbed, conveyorized and cylindrical inkjet printers. These three UV printers can be applied to many substrates such as glass, PVC acrylic, integrated wallboard, ceramic tiles, etc. So UV printer is also called a “universal printer”. According to the market value, company reputation, and product quality, we ranked the top 4 small formats of UV printers for 2021. The top 4 UV printers separately belong to TUHUI, Mimaki, Mutoh.

TUHUI 6090 UV flatbed printer makes the product of high quality

Multiple function machines: The printer is equipped with a Japan Epson UV print head. It can be used in printable bottles, mobile phone cases, acrylic, wood panels, etc. 
Rotary holder: The machine is equipped with a cylindrical fixture so that it can print the cylinder and adjust spacing. The printer can not only be used to print perfectly cylindrical objects but it can also be used to print items that simply have cylindrical features. Some of the products that can be used in the cylindrical printing process include beer bottles, candle holders, measuring cups, makeup containers, tubes, and so on. 
3D embossed effect: You can prepare a blank ceramic stature or any flat and roll material that can be printed, and start the machine. After processing, you will get an embossed artwork. The embossed surface can give us a sense of reality and it makes the work more exquisite. 
CMYK+WV six-color configuration: CMYK white and varnish are optional for glossy surfaces and high-quality printing. The colors are more vivid and the visual effects are more striking.

Mimaki UJF-7151 Plus, a versatile model ($49,995) 

The wider format UJF-7151 UV printer (28” W x 20” D x 6” H) is a versatile model with the highest precision and accuracy available from Mimaki thanks to its cast aluminum frame and dual ball screw bed drive. It can be used in a variety of applications from OEM product decoration and promotional products to specialty graphics and the award and personalization market, among many others. Printers can decorate any number of substrates including:
Plastic Glass Leather Metal
Wood Acrylic Films Technical fabrics
The UJF-7151 has an industry-leading 6mm focal length (distance between the print head and substrate), which allows the operator to print on highly contoured products with extremely high quality. The unit also features the only through head ink circulating system in the market segment.
On top of these cutting-edge technologies that Mimaki is known for, the UJF-7151 is also easy to use. This model features a color LCD panel and email notification system for convenient status monitoring.\


Mutoh makes it possible ($84,995.00)

The Mutoh Performance Jet 2508UF 4’x8’ UV/LED Flatbed printer excels in performance quality and value. Its standard staggered four print head design – field upgradable to six heads when adding white and varnish inks – provides high print speeds and the dual UV lamps on both sides of the carriage provide exceptional cure times, allowing for higher production capacity. Print media up to 4 inches thick and use the CMYK x2 or CMYKx2 plus white & varnish to create stunning projects with outstanding durability and color gamut.
The PJ 2508UF comes standard with an automatic media registration pin system with a “blowback” feature for easier handling and positioning of media, a static elimination system, and an auto media thickness detector. The Performance Jet 2508UF delivers the outstanding output you expect and provides the reliability you need in a UV/LED flatbed, making it the smart choice for any production shop.


These three types of UV digital printing machines all have their features and can offer very good after-sales services. You’d better read through their websites to get more information and inquire specific questions about the products. 
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