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Company Profile
The Tucan brand was founded by Guangzhou Tucan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. The Tucan brand focuses on the promotion, sales and technical support of digital printing solutions, mainly UV printing, clothing and home textile printing, advertising printing, carpet printing, curtain printing, leather printing. And other industries provide digital printing solutions. With more than ten years of overall program sales experience, professional development team and rich operating experience; the whole process from pre-press to post-press, related supporting products, investment analysis and cost control, can provide customers with a full range of consulting and support , Has provided thousands of domestic printing companies with suitable printing equipment and complete and feasible printing solutions. Foreign customers in multiple industries.

Customer First: Creating a Different Inkjet Printer Production Company

In order to achieve sustainable growth in the industrial printing market with high growth potential, DEJU has been committed to strengthening our technology, sales and manufacturing strategy and management foundation.
However, the impact of the global economic recession and the consequent changes in market demand and customer orientation. DEJU's new strategy will take the lead in digital industrial printing by providing products and solutions for front-end printing/cutting/coating and post-processing of TUCAN brand.
We will create innovations through product development and continue to provide solutions that customers value. In order to prepare for the realization of global brand goals, we will establish an organizational culture so that DEJU enterprises can work towards these goals.
In order to realize the global brand -TUCAN, we will devote ourselves to providing inkjet printing solutions. We will make full use of the advantages of the internal business system and service system to realize the printing process in various markets. We will play the role of product and solution provider, and support all aspects of quality from pre-sale to after-sale by providing overall solutions including products (inkjet printers) and after-sale technical services. In order to provide the best products to the market, we will develop better products according to the rapid changes of market conditions and customer needs.
We will thank you for your constant support and encouragement.
June 8, 2021


DEJU vision

We are determined to become a "developing and innovative enterprise", have our own technology and supply our own brand products to all parts of the world.
Our goal is to become a company that can adapt to market changes, innovate quickly and provide products that satisfy customers.
With the production technology of our inkjet printer products, innovative and creative technologies have promoted the development of our TUHUI brand products. Our goal is to improve the global standards of "color", "precision" and "speed".
In our major markets, our company meets the market demand and is in a leading position in providing new technology products. In addition, providing more affordable machines and better after-sales service for global buyers will enable us to expand our global business.


quality assurance

TUHUI is committed to providing cutting-edge products to help our customers pursue their goals and dreams. To this end, we listen to customers' opinions and develop innovative products and printing solutions:
·Carry out product planning according to customer needs.
·Quickly design and develop products to keep ahead of the market.
·Encourage all employees to pay attention to product quality.
Internal production quality control system to maintain product benchmark quality.
Let customers know the benefits and results of using TUHUI brand products.


administrative policy

Our management vision is to provide "innovative products". With this vision, we use our inkjet printing technology to develop innovative products. We work with our customers to create and develop the industrial inkjet printer market. In the future, we will strive to become a truly global company, and we are committed to customer-oriented and innovation-driven. Recognizing that the earth's resources are limited, protecting the earth's environment is one of the most important issues for all mankind, we will make every effort to reduce the impact of TUHUI brand products on the environment. And provide products and service systems that meet customer requirements.
·Accurately understand customer requirements
·Maintain and improve product quality
·High-quality pre-sales and after-sales service system
·Train technical engineers trusted by customers and business partners
·Promote the environmental protection design of products

The policy has been communicated to all DEJU employees, and all DEJU employees work together to realize this policy.
This policy is disclosed on the official website of DEJU Company,At the same time, we also ask the cooperative companies and customers to understand and cooperate.

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