TUHUI 601 A Set Of Heat Press Machine + Prining Machine + Hot Melt Powder Machine for T-shirt printer

Item No.: TH-601 eco solvent printer
1. Very easy to operate
2. Suitable for different materials T-shirts
3. No need cutting and peel
4. Good color fastness
Description Printing Machine  Hot Melt Powder Machine Heat Press Process

Printing Machine 

1. Printing table size 75cm, printing width 70cm.
2. Epson 4720 print head
3. Two heads configuration, CMYK+W
4. Mirror effect printing
5. Maintop software, PhotoPrint is optional.
6. Production speed, 6sqm/hour
7. Machine size: 170cm*70cm*127cm / 160kg
8. Package size: 185cm*96cm*75cm / 200kg / 1.33CBM
Hot Melt Powder Machine 
1. Red section POWDER SPLLING, spilling the hot melt powder on the film surface after printing.
2. Green section POWDER VIBRATING, film going through vibrating part, the powder will not stay on the film where is not printed.
4. Yellow section POWDER MELTING & DRYING, powder will melt under high temperature then dried to solid status.
5. White section ROLL TAKE UP, after whole process, printed film will be collected, ready to next step.
l Machine size: 165cm*122cm*107cm / 220kg l Package size: 185cm*132cm*137cm / 260kgs / 3.35CBM
Heat Press Process
1.T-shirt heat press machine with Drawer
2.Transfer temperature: 150-160° 3.Transfer pressure: 4-6KG 4.Transfer time: 8-12 seconds
5. Weather resistance: no cracking at minus 30 degrees in winter, and no stickiness at 80 degrees in summer


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