TUHUI 3220G Large UV Flatbed Printer Ricoh Gen6 Printhead UV Printer Tile Printer

Item No.: TH-3220G
*Ricoh Gen6 Print Hesd,Precision is 40% higher,Speed is 100% faster than G5
*Maximum speed up to 2000mm/s
*High precision automatic height detection system
Description Product parameters
   Meglev UV Flatbed Printer
    Ricoh GEN6 industrial grayscale print head

*Ricoh Gen6 Print Hesd,Precision is 40% higher,Speed is 100% faster than G5
*Maximum speed up to 2000mm/s
*High precision automatic height detection system
*Use LED cooling system

Product standard configuration

   LED cooling system             RIP software                   Imported Ricoh UV ink               Ricoh gen6 print head

Functional advantages

* German IGUS towline and high-flex cable
 The anti-wear and anti-return performance meets international standards and is 5 times that of ordinary energy chains
*All aluminum alloy secondary ink cartridge  
 Strong anti-corrosion ability, with built-in constant temperature system to ensure the smoothness of ink
*Double suction fan  
 Strong adsorption force, can firmly adsorb the material on the platform without deformation due to temperature
*Stable negative pressure system
 The use of metal cylinders can ensure the stability of the negative pressure of the ink supply system, and realize the mass production without ink breakage.

Color, white and varnish synchronous output
Varnish, white ink, color printing output at one time, no plate making, printing, simple process, double the speed

Product application scheme
Advertising industry

Home improvement and building materials industry

Crafts & Electronics 3C Industry

Company strength
The company occupies an area of 15,000 square meters and currently has more than 200 employees. It brings together outstanding talents in the digital inkjet industry. The professional R & D team has more than 10 years of rich experience and has jointly created photo machines, UV flatbed machines, roll rubber machines, thermal The four major product series of Shenghua Industrial Direct Injection Machines are sold all over the world, and have established a good customer reputation and brand image.

Model TH-2512G Meglev UV Flatbed Printer TH-3220G Meglev UV Flatbed Printer
Printhead Ricoh GEN6 Industrial Grayscale Print Head Ricoh GEN6 Industrial Grayscale Print Head
Print Head number 2-8 2-8
Print Mode 4C/6C/4C+W/6C+W/4C+W+V/6C+W+V
Print Width 2500mm x 1200mm 3200mmx 2000mm
Print Speed(sqm/h) 4 pass 28㎡/h 30㎡/h
6pass 25㎡/h 27㎡/h
8pass 18㎡/h 20㎡/h
Print Resolution 720*1800 DPI
Media Type Glass,Acrylic, Wood, Ceramic, Metal Sheet, PVC Sheet, Plastic ,3C product and etc.
Media Thickness Max.100 mm
InkType UV Curing Ink (None V0C)
Special Ink Optional White Ink orVarnish
Curing System LED Curing System
RIP Photoprint/Onyx/Caldera/Colorget
Data Connector USB3.0
Power 220VAC(土10%) Single Phase, 50/60HZ
Power Consumption 7KW(30A) 7KW(38A)
Machine Size 4.75m(L)*2.1m(W)*1.4m(H) 5.62m(L)*2.95m(W)* 1.47m(H)
Packing Size 4.9m(L)* 2.28m(W)* 1.75m(H) 5.8m(L)*3.2m(W)*1.75m(H)
Environment Requirement seperated, clean, low dust, well-ventilated,environmental temperature:20℃-28℃   relative humidity:40%6-60%


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