MTCO6II Cutting Machine Acrylic / sticker / adhesive industrial large cutting machine

Item No.: MTC06II
* Different cutting knives can be switched according to different cutting materials
* Automatic edge scanning CCD positioning system to ensure accurate cutting
* Continuous feeding system, equipped with automatic correction function to prevent cutting e
Description Technical Parameters

Large cutting machine Feature:
Advertising cutting machine RJMTC06II series with precise CCD positioning cutting function, which allows you to easily position whatever material you cut , and can finish cutting the Bubble word, Reflective materials, Mobile phone films, Gift box , flag material and other different materials to maximize the production efficiency and save labor.

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            Bar code or QR code to                                        Japan motor                                          MARP Point automatic
            read the file function                                    theperformance (over 30%)                            positioning and cutting 

Original adjustable aluminum platform,                    Automatic nesting system,            Automatically extract the
adjustable flatness to ensure the cutting                 achieve seamless docking.             cutting path software
table is not deformed permanently.

What is the tools equipped with?
Multi-tools for option to meet your Various production requirements.  
1. High-speed Osillating tools  
2. High-speed  
3. Kiss Cutting Tool  
4. V-CUT Tool  
5. Creasing Wheel Tool  
6. Foam Cut Tool  
7. Milling Tool
 8. Driving Rotary Tool  
9. Great Driving Rotary Tool

Cutting Materials: 
All kinds of pictorial cloth, mesh doth, flags, back glue, car stickers, PP synthetic paper, corrugated cardboard red cardboard, PVC, honeycomb board, PVC foam board, acrylic KT board, aluminum-plastic plate, fber board and rubber sheet, thick foam, knitted fabric, woven fabric

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      Talk with sales about                  Modet quantity                       With bank details             By wire transfer,paypal,
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 Factory strength 
Since its establishment, Deju Digital has cultivated a large number of excellent technical talents and high-quality after-sales service teams. We are committed to creating industry-leading digital inkjet technology services for our customers. Now we have helped most customers solve inkjet problems.

Cooperative customer 

Sales cover many countries and regions around the world, and major exporting countries have UK, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Turkey, Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Ghana, Morocco, Ecuador...
MTCO6II Technical Parameters
Model MTC06II-1815 MTC06II-2516 MTC06II-3021
Effective Cutting Area(mm) 1800mm*1500mm 2500mm*1600mm 3000mm* 2100mm
Cutting Speed 300- 1200mm/s
Cutting Thickness ≤50MM
Cutting Materials Various corrugated board, yellow cardboard, red cardboard, PVC board, honeycomb board, PVC foaming board, acrylic, KT board, aluminum plastic board, fibre bottom board and rubber sheet, thick foam etc
Pump Power 5.5KW 7.5KW 9KW
Total Fixed Power 9.5KW
Working Environment Temp:0°C ~ 35°C Humidity : 35% ~ 80%


Carlos Alberto Ccoto Rodriguez
May 01, 2021
Estoy interesado por una multicortadora. deseo conocer el precio de diferente tamaños. Es para Lima.Peru. podrían facilitarme toda la información al respecto. Mil gracias.
Alina Ruiz Vizcaya
Jul 22, 2020
Quiero saber cuanto vale la Máquina de corte digital Serie RJMTC06II, repuestos de cuchillas y otros repuestos, o si tienen un distribuidor para Nicaragua, o para Centroamérica mi nombre es Alina Ruiz Vizcaya, mi correo es
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