TH-2513 R5 500mm high drop printing shoes, masks, handicrafts and other high drop uv flatbed printer

Item No.: TH-2513R5 (Heighten)
1.Products with a height of 500mm can be printed
2.Special for high drop products: such as shoes, masks, suitcases, etc.
3. High printing accuracy, no need for plate making
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Product parameters
Model TH-2513R5(Heightened)
Printer head ricoh gen5 / ricoh gen 6 
Color configuration C+M+Y+K+LC+LM+W+V
Print media Glass, acrylic, ceramic tile, metal plate, pvc board, cardboard, wood board, leather, inkjet cloth, wallpaper, car stickers, etc.
Print accuracy 600DPI ,900DPI,1200DPI
Print height 0-500mm
Software Poto print
Computer system Win7  64bit  RAM ≥ 8G
Temperature 18-26 ℃
Humidity 40%-70% RH (no condensing)
Maximum power 6.5 kw
Input power AC220V (±10%), 50HZ/60HZ >15A
Machine size L4300*W2100*H1750(mm)/Net Weight 1350 kg
Certification CE Certification,  SGSCertification, MSDSCertification 
Above specification will be changeable without notice


   Can print a variety of material medium, can send sample printing, to the factory to see the prototype


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