TUHUI 7590T uv plate printer cup hanging printing machine best small uv printer

Item No.: TH-7590T
1.Constant temperature ink supply system
2.LED UV water cooling system
3.Ink shortage alarm system
Description Product parameters

                     Printing speed                         No stripe                     One-button ink              Bidirectional printing

                      Mute guide rail             Cylindrical printing        Automatic height measurement          CMYK+W+V

                       Suction platform                                     Ricoh G5 printhead                                  Photoprint

Rotary holder
When printing cylinder, install cylinder bracket
Easy, convenient and fast conversion cylinder printing mode

               All aluminum alloy secondary ink cartridge                              Imported servo integated motor

               Unique ink supply system                                                                    Cylindrical print holder

               National military-grable marble platform                                          Double Y-axis,double screw

♦LED UV water cooling system,high performance,longer lifetime,and low energy consumption
Cartridge anti-collision system

Printable medium

                       Acrylic sheet                                                          wood                                                        The bottle

                         PVC board                                                       The 3C product                                             leather
Product parameters
Modle TH-7590T
Print head Toshiba CE4 print head Ricoh Gen5i print head
Print head number 2-8
Print mode 4C/6C+W+V
Print width 750*900mm
Print speed 6 pass  7㎡/h 4㎡/h
8 pass  5㎡/h 2.5㎡/h
Print resolution 720*1800dpi
Media type Glass,acrylic,wood,ceramic tile,metal plate,PVC board,foam board,3C products,sliding door and other materials
Media thickness Max.80mm
Ink type Enviromentally friendly UV ink (without VCO),UV white ink and Varnish is optional
Curing system UV Curing system
RIP Photoprint/Onyx/Caldera/Colorget/Color manager
Date connector USB3.0
Voltage 220VAC(±10%)Single phase,50/60 HZ
Power 3.5KW
Machine size 1.96*1.62*1.33M
Packing size 2.15*1.83*1.53M
Environmental requirement seperated,clean,low dust,well-ventilated  enviromental temperature:20℃-25℃   relative humidity 50%-60%(Non-condensation
Adove specification well be changeable without notice


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