TH-A520 all-in-one DTF printer, Print & Shake Powder in one

Item No.: TH-A520
1. easy to use,labor saving need cut,no need tear,no white edge
3.touch screen and pid precise temperature control
4.30cm suitable for a3/a4 directly to film printing
High Speed A3 DTF print & shake powder in one
 Name     TH-A520 all-in-one DTF printer
  model    TH-A520
  Available width ≤370mm
 Media PET  film
  Suitable for transmission media Nylon, chemical fiber, cotton, leather, swimwear, diving suit, PVC, EVA, etc.
 printing head 2pcs EPSON i3200
  Printing speed 6Pass(720*1800dpi): 9m²/H
8Pass(720*2400dpi): 7m²/H
 Platform ambition Adjustable suction
Dust control Dust mixing control and quantity control, etc
  Heating and drying function     1. Front heating plate 2. Belt conveyor 3.Rolling touch screen 4. Two-stage dryer 5. Cooling fan 6. Intelligent automatic rotary system
  Print interface Optical fiber network port
  RIP software Maintop
  operating system Windows 7, Windows 10
  Temperature and humidity 15 - 30℃, 35-65%
  Electrical parameters   220V, 20A. Nominal power 4.5KW. Power Consumption: 2-4.3KW
  And size and weight Machine2100*1112*1209mm, NW 320kg
Package2550*1130*1161mm, GW 400kg
CE marking and 3 Chinese national intellectual property patents


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