Toshiba ce4 print head UV flatbed print head printer accessories

Item No.: Toshiba head
* Industrial print head, variable ink drop
* Higher nozzle density with 636 channels
* A variety of models are available for a wide range of applications

* Higher nozzle density with 636 channels
* Wider Allawi scale up to level 16
* Accurate point location
* Oil-based and UV-curable inks
* Stable spray and water cycle heat control
* Higher nozzle density
* CE2 has a resolution of 300dpi, which is more suitable for single-channel applications.

  Nozzle structure diagram & parameters
  CE2 CA4
Printable Width 53.7 mm 53.6 mm
Number of Channels 636 / head     318/ head
Resolution / Channel  300 dpi / 84.5 um   150 dpi / 169 um
PitchPrint Mode Multi drop
8 levels (Standard)
16 levels (Maximum)
Drop Volume 6- 90 pl
Standard Frequency  @1crop
28.0 KHz
6.2 KHz
2.8 KHz 
Linear speed @1drop,1200dpi
35 m/min
31 m/min
Driving Voltage 14-31 V
Ink Olil based pigment ink /UV curable pigment ink
Weight  74g 148 g
Dimensions 85(Wx75(D) X 34(H) mm    85(W) x 70(D) X 23(H) mm
Cover Yes
Chassis Ceramic chassis with water channel

Quality assurance
  In order to ensure the qualified rate of ink, each batch of ink is strictly tested and printed on the machine for 20 hours before sale to ensure that the nozzles are not blocked.
  After 20 hours of continuous printing, no ink break, no color difference, smooth and clear lines

Professional effect test
   100 grid test & waterproof test & scratch test (all do not fall off)

Product real shot display
   New print head, quality assurance

Show results
   Can print acrylic, glass, ceramic, PVC board, plastic, wood board, foam board and other materials

Company strength display
   After years of development, the company has accumulated a lot of praise and feedback from customers. Now it has mature technology, excellent after-sales team and high-quality technical team.



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