TUHUI 2021 new wall printing machine,This digital wall printer Can print photos with 3D effects

Item No.: TH-W5
1.Use computer to control, easy to operate
2.Good machine compatibility and wide range of uses
3.Excellent durability and high definition
Description Product Paramenters
3d wall printingwall printer Diagramwall printer manufacturer
Product TUHUI wall printer
Printhead Water base: Epson 4720 UV model: Epson TX800
Printhead No. 1-3 pcs (optional)
Type Computer equipment all-in-one machine
Use consumables Environment friendly oil pigment
Weight 40kg
Printing speed Ordinary: 5-15 sqm/hour. High speed: 10~25 sqm/hour.
Print size 2500mm x 6000mm(Can be extended indefinitely)
Print resolution 720~9600dpi
Control mode insert usb flash drive for wireless operation
Applicable material
(not limited, that is, hit dry, waterproof sun protection) tile walls, glass walls, wood iron, internal and external putty walls,
latex paint walls, diatomaceous mud walls, large white, cement walls, etc..


Dec 30, 2021
I would like to know as far as financing the printer, do you finance for start up printing business? How much are payments & the models of the printers. I would like to have more details on the equipment and the requirements for financing because I am interested in starting a wall printing business.
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