New ! TUHUI 2513 R5 cheap uv printer large format flatbed printer

Item No.: TH-2513 R5
1.Adopt m-type bed design and all-steel integrated fuselage
2.Fully closed servo motor, accurate transmission, long-time work without error
3.High speed, high precision, high response, stable operation and low noise
Description Product parameters
model TH-2513 R5
printer Head ricoh gen5
Printing accuracy 600DPI,900DPI,1200DPI
Color mode Four colors, six colors, white, varnish optional
Media thickness 0~100mm
Fixed line system UV LED 
Print size 2500*1300mm
uv ink uv ink / Multiple ink application solutions
Cartridge capacity 1.5 liters , Automatic alarm for lack of ink, ink refill without stopping the machine
Ink supply system Automatic double negative pressure ink supply system
Print media Glass, acrylic, ceramic tile, metal plate, pvc board, cardboard, wood board, leather, inkjet cloth, wallpaper, car sticker, etc.
operating system windows7  64bit  RAM ≥ 8G
RIP software PhotoPrint
safety certificate CE certification, SGS certification, MSDS certification
Input power Maximum power:6.5 KW ; AC:220V(±10%) >15A ; 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Machine size 4300*2100*1350mm
Machine weight 1350kg
Working environment Temperature18~26℃  .Humidity 40%-70%


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