UV flatbed and roll 2 roll printer 1.6m Wide Format Printer Wallpaper Roll Printing Machine

Item No.: TH-1600
1. White Ink Recycle patent enables stable printing white color.
2. Cold light LED curing with tiny temperature variation ensures high printing quality.
3. Combined belt & flatbed media feeding system is competent to print both roll and flat media.
Description Product Parameter

Multi-function UV Printer, Meet different order requirements  
      Integrated belt & flatbed media feeding system is competent to print both roll and  rigid media.
      Folding extension frame saves space and cost as well.

1.ink tank frame 2. X IR location 3. Media shelf 4. Bellows
5. Fan 6. Fan valve 7. UV box 8. Time panel
9. Power panel 10. Control panel 11. Overlap shelf 12. Capping parts
13. Carriage 14. UV lamp 15. Mound layer 16. Y location ruler
17. Y IR location 18. Height location 19. Height location 20. Conduction band
21. Print platform      

Professional testing standard

1.Put the coin on the beam    
    Check the stationarity during printing
2.Print diagonal line    
   Check the accuracy of the print lengthand whether the platform is parallel to the beam

3.Print circle    
   Check final deviation calibration and print accuracy

                                                  Color, white and varnish synchronous outpu
                                                         Embossing effect & Make your world colorful

①:Blank ceramic tile,any flat and roll material can be printed
②:White background any color can be printed
③:3D & emboss effect
④:Vanish effect

Print the case

               Mobile Phone Shell                                               Acrylic                                                                 Disc

               Cotton and Linen Cloth                                       KT Board                                                  Nonwoven Bag

                   USB Flash Disk                                     Expansion Board/PVC Board                            Food Box

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      People-oriented,Quality first,Credibility first,Service sincerly
UV flatbed and roll printer 1.6m Wide Format Eco Solvent Printer Wallpaper Roll Printing Machine
Model 1600RF UV 1603RFUV
Printer Head EPS DX5 Ricoh Gen5
Printer Head Number 2 3
Printer Mode 4C/4C+W
Printer Width 1550MM
Resolution/Speed 14 Square meter/H (4 pass) //
10 Square meter/H (6 pass) 11 Square meter/H (6 pass)
7 Square meter/H (8 pass) 8 Square meter/H (8 pass)
Print Resolution 720*1800DPI
Ink type Environmentally friendly UV ink(without VOC),UV white ink and Varnish is optional
Maximum thickness Max.80mm
Media type PVC board, Acrylic board, Tile, Glass, Metal painting, Signboard, Mobile phone case, Paper case, Wine bottle, etc.
Curing System UV Curing System
Output port USB 2.0
Running system  Windows 7 /8/10
RIP software Photoprint/Onyx/Caldera/Colorget/Color
Power supply spec 220VAC(±10%)Single Phase, 50/60HZ
Weight 1322 lb.(600KG)
Dimension size 2.91m(L) * 1.82m(W) * 1.21m(H)
Packing size 3.05m(L) * 1.97m(W) * 1.49m(H)
Operation environment Temp: 20°C - 35°C , Humidity: 50% RH - 60% RH
Above specification will be changeable without notice


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