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About Us
About Us
Guangzhou TUHUI Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2011. In 2019, it created the graphic brand for better service agents. TUHUI focuses on the promotion, sales and technical support of digital printing solutions, mainly providing digital printing solutions for UV printing, clothing and home textile printing, advertising printing, carpet printing, curtain printing, leather printing and other industries. With more than ten years of overall program sales experience, a professional development team and rich operating experience; the entire process from pre-press to post-press, related supporting products, investment analysis and cost control, can provide customers with a full range of consulting And support, has provided suitable printing equipment and complete and feasible printing solutions for thousands of domestic and foreign customers in multiple industries.
What We Do
A professional R&D and production company specializing in the production of various inkjet printers and related accessories.
Become a global distributor of TUHUI
Global plan
Become a global distributor of TUHUI 1. Brand support: provide TUHUI brand agency rights
2. Marketing support: provide marketing plan and financial support and continue to follow up
3. Technical support: training dealer engineers throughout the process
4. Design support: Participate in product design and development
TUHUI's service
service system
TUHUI's service 1. After-sales service specialists are available 24 hours a day, and after-sales engineers who communicate directly in English.
2. Product quality problems, provide return and exchange services.
3. Own factory, own R&D and production team, can customize products according to customer needs
4. Provide OEM services and develop related technical products according to customer needs
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Compared with traditional printing equipment, uv flatbed printers have more applicable materials, faster printing speed, higher precision, and simple operation steps, so they can save a lot of labor costs. But in the process of using, please use the uv fl
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When UV flatbed printers print some materials, there will be burrs, chaotic spots, and blurred lines. After investigation and analysis by technical staff, it was confirmed that it was caused by the "floating ink" of the customer equipment printer head. It
Advantages of 0.6m small Eco-solvent printer
A printing machine suitable for small shops, which can be stored in a small space of only 1.5 cubic meters, which can be used for indoor advertising, interior decoration, or shops that operate personalized posters.
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