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Features of mobile phone shell uv printer
Since the global launch of the iPhone 6s model, the demand for mobile phone cases has also developed rapidly, and all kinds of mobile phone cases can be seen everywhere in the market for a time. In fact, the cost of printing a single mobile phone case is relatively low, but because of the different equipment used, the process is different, and the printing effect is different, the price in the market is also different. A mobile phone case with personality and good printing effect is very profitable. This is also true, and many people have begun to get involved in the mobile phone case industry.
A good device is a good productivity. At present, the common equipment in the mobile phone case printing market mainly uses uv printers called mobile phone case printers, as well as silk screen technology, film and small printers. If you are developing a mobile phone case printing business, the best choice is the uv flatbed printer. The uv printer, because it can print a variety of materials, as far as the mobile phone case is concerned, the uv printer can replace other printing devices.

The uv printer is equipped with LED cold light, which can be irradiated and dried while printing during the printing process. The platform is large. After printing the front part during the printing process, remove the printed mobile phone case on the front part and place the new mobile phone case in the process of printing the back part, which can realize non-stop work and greatly improve production. Efficiency, this is something that ordinary small printers cannot achieve.
Secondly, using digital technology, the printing process is directly controlled by the computer, and the materials to be printed are diversified. At the same time, patterns with embossed effects can be printed. This is also difficult to achieve with film or silk screen technology.
Features of mobile phone shell uv printer:
1. Simple and convenient operation: No plate making and repeated color registration process, simple operation and easy maintenance;
2. Fast printing speed: low input cost, high-speed printing is fully suitable for industrial mass production;
3. Overcome the limit of materials: it can print any medium within the specified thickness, completely overcome the traditional printing method that can only use special paper and special specifications, and can use very thin or very thick objects, the thickness of which can reach the thickness of high objects It is 18 cm.
4. Automatic cleaning system: The remarkable function of preventing nozzle clogging can automatically clean the print head in various modes according to the consumer's choice, so as to prevent nozzle clogging.
5. Height adjustment and batch setting: The height can be adjusted according to the printed object, and the horizontally movable vertical jet structure is adopted, which allows various raw materials to be used conveniently and freely. After being easily placed, it can be automatically lifted to a suitable printing height, and achieve a perfect Bo Yi Chuang effect. And you can set the automatic feeding time for batch production at will, eliminating the need to repeat the steps of operating the computer.
6. Not affected by the material of the object: you can use rich colors in the raw materials (silicone products, U disk housing, mobile phone housing, plastic, stone, leather, wood, metal, glass, leather, crystal, acrylic, ceramic tile, PC, ABS , PC, acrylic, coated paper) finished products and semi-finished products (small parts storage boxes, wallets, purses, trademarks, plaques, etc.) and other soft and hard objects for real-color graphic printing of images. Since the nozzle is non-contact with the media surface during printing, it will not deform due to heat and pressure, so it can also be printed on materials that are easily deformed and soft (such as leather and textiles).
7. High-precision and perfect printing: Use the company's special ink to make the output image effect realistic and achieve photo quality. The image is waterproof, sunscreen, abrasion resistant, and will never fade.

If you want to develop the mobile phone case printing business, I think you should also choose the mobile phone case uv flatbed printer. Whether it is mass production or personalized printing, uv flatbed printers are the best choice. High efficiency is the characteristic of UV flatbed printers, and it happens that the printing business is an industry that requires very high efficiency. The use of mobile phone case uv printers will have an even more powerful boost to your business development.