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How to Effectively Control the Production Cost of the UV Flatbed Printer

How to Effectively Control the Production Cost of the UV Flatbed Printer

With the rapid development of technology and the market’s individualized, rapid and efficient demand, more and more inkjet printing companies will choose UV printers to wield their production effects in the fields of advertising, decoration, and industrial UV printing. There are many kinds of UV printers, one of the most popular one is the UV flatbed printer. The design and manufacturing purpose of the UV flatbed printer was mainly used for the printing of hard materials. It broke through the limitation of ink-jet technology that can only be printed on soft materials. It can be applied to glass, PVC acrylic, integrated wallboard, ceramic tiles, etc. Material, so it is also called a “universal printer”. 
When purchasing a flatbed printer, most users consider how to improve production efficiency as well as reduce production costs, and quickly make profits!


What Consists of the UV Printer Cost? 

Before discussing the cost of UV flatbed printers, we must first know what invisible costs exist in the production of inkjet printing companies? Today, leaving aside the company's operating cost, electricity, and labor costs, we only consider the production cost.  

First, Ink Consumption Decides Most of the Production Cost

UV ink is a key consumable for UV printers. The UV inkjet ink chosen for your digital printer should depend on the product you are decorating as specialty inks work best for specific substrates. UV ink is designed to be used in a wide range of applications from plastic, glass, metal, and wood to other non-traditional substrates such as garments. UV inkjet ink is available in hard, flexible, or edible ink. Some of our UV inkjet inks can be paired with an ink primer to guarantee longer adhesion. The ink consumption per square meter printed is the most intuitive cost first. This is related to many factors such as DPI, white ink, and embossing effect.

1. DPI, known as the resolution, takes the first position in ink consumption.

Simply put, it is the number of dots you inkjet per square. The more inkjet dots, the brighter, thicker, and more realistic the picture is, and the more ink you consume. Therefore, once a production company receives an inkjet business, it first has to measure what kind of inkjet method can better meet the needs of customers. Of course, for high-precision printing, fine images with more inkjet volume should also increase the corresponding cost.

2. Whether to spray white ink is one of the important factors.

At present, some transparent materials on the market do positive and negative printing, or single-sided printing, which requires white ink as a primer. The price of white UV ink is generally higher than that of color UV ink. If you spray with the same DPI, if you spray another layer of white ink, the cost will be higher.

3. The embossing effect of the picture will consume more ink.

If you want to print full-color patterns, the cost of printing ink is about $1, and the embossing effect will be more expensive. If you do the background wall, it is not recommended to print reliefs. You can buy a sandblasting machine to engrave and print the patterns.

Second, Higher Production Efficiency Means Lower Production Cost

For an enterprise, production time, worker technical requirements, product material input, and production equipment input must be included in the company's production costs. The shortened production cycle, skilled workers, low scrap rate, low material consumption, and proper equipment maintenance can effectively reduce costs.

1. The training of personnel and the establishment of a process system. 

People are the root of all problems. A skilled and responsible mechanic can solve half of the problems in production. A skilled machinist who can do his best to maintain the equipment is more capable, consumes fewer materials in production, and lowers the rejection rate. A good factory manager can arrange the return of materials and accessories according to the production process, saving communication with the operator, greatly reducing communication costs, and saving time.

2. The choice of equipment。

Try to choose high-speed, high-efficiency, four-color, or eight-color products with high color reproduction and intelligent control. This kind of work is easier to meet the needs of many customers, and second, it is easy to work as a mechanic.
We know that the higher the cost, the lower the profit is, so we must calculate the cost before putting it into production to see if it is profitable, and then put it into production. If the focus of an enterprise is only on how to purchase the cheapest consumables and the use of cheap workers, the lack of consideration of the quality and efficiency issues of the most pivotal enterprise production will often lead to poor business operations and poor returns.


The General UV Printing Machines Brands

UV printing machine price varies according to its specific functions and the after-sales services of the manufacturers. Here is some brand recommendation for the 2021 new UV flatbed printer. 
1. TUHUI UV printer
2. Roland UV printer
3. Epson UV printer
4. Funsun UV printer
All these brands gained their reputation mainly for their excellent quality as well as their great services. Almost every customer is satisfied with theirs UV printing machines. 
So if you choose them, you can trust their product quality and reduce great cost.