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Why Choose TUHUI UV Printer?
With the rapid development of the economy and the overall improvement of the quality of the people, China has entered a competitive situation of "no personality, difficult to survive". Many traditional industries are facing a strong impact from the personalized customization market. In the UV printing industry, this extant impact is more obvious. TUCAN is a Chinese UV printer manufacturer, and its UV printer had won many customers’ hearts and received a pretty good reputation for its sales services. In view of the situation, let us analyze the advantages of TUCAN UV printing in various aspects. 

TUHUI UV Printer for Sales 

TUCAN provides different kinds of UV printers, which mainly include UV flatbed printers, small format UV printers, roll to roll printers, and other parts of a UV printer, such as print head, eco-solvent ink. It broke through the limitation of ink-jet technology that can only be printed on soft materials. It can be applied to glass, PVC acrylic, integrated wallboard, ceramic tiles, etc. So it is also called a “universal printer”.
Take one of TUHUI’s UV printers as an example. UV 6090 is one of the UV digital printing machines that TUCAN aims to promote in recent times.

TUCAN 6090 UV Flatbed Printer Makes the Product of High Quality

Multiple function machines: The printer is equipped with a Japan Epson UV print head. It can be used in printable bottles, mobile phone cases, acrylic, wood panels, etc. 
Rotary holder: The machine is equipped with a cylindrical fixture so that it can print the cylinder and adjust spacing. The printer can not only be used to print perfectly cylindrical objects but it can also be used to print items that simply have cylindrical features. Some of the products that can be used in the cylindrical printing process include beer bottles, candle holders, measuring cups, makeup containers, tubes, and so on. 
3D embossed effect: You can prepare a blank ceramic stature or any flat and roll material that can be printed, and start the machine. After processing, you will get an embossed artwork. The embossed surface can give us a sense of reality and it makes the work more exquisite. 
CMYK+WV six-color configuration: CMYK white and varnish are optional for glossy surfaces and high-quality printing. The colors are more vivid and the visual effects are more striking.

The Benefits/Advantages of TUCAN UV Printers 

Robust and Reliable: TUCAN UV printers are robust construction ensures full stability even when operating at the maximum printing speed on heavy substrates.
Easy operation: Computer and machines are integrated, no need to be equipped with extra laptops. Control by some professional software, such as RIP, Coreldraw, CISS, for total control of the printer at your fingertips. According to the instruction, the software is easy to operate and will save time to train the worker. 
Unlimited substrate: Equipped with ink curing lights for UV model, no restriction on the substrate. It can print straight on the tile walls, glass walls, wood iron, internal and external putty walls, latex paint walls, mud walls, white, cement walls, etc... 
Lasting colors: TUHUI’s products have two types of inks. One is water-based ink and another is UV ink. The water-proof ink protection will make the color more lasting and more vivid. 
Large printing table: Some TUCAN UV printers can print on large formats substrate. Available exclusively for the maximum size of 3000*2000MM or 3200*1600MM substrates printing, the large table (front and rear) allows printing on lightweight or heavy rigid substrates compatible with digital UV technology, such as ceramic, wood, glass, metal, marble, melamine, plywood, plastic, PVC, leather, etc with a thickness of up to 100mm.

What Kind of Company is TUCAN?

TUHUI printer is one of the UV printer manufacturers. It was founded in 2011, focusing on the promotion, sales, and technical support of digital printing solutions, mainly providing digital printing solutions for industries such as UV printing, curtain printing, clothing home textile printing, advertisement spray printing, carpet printing, and leather printing. Even during the Covid-19 epidemics when the export of UV printers suffered badly, TUHUI printer still strives to improve its UV printing technology and it is prepared to promote two UV Printers that adopt the newest UV LED technology. 

Company Strength of TUCAN Printer 

The company occupies an area of 15,000 square meters and currently has more than 200 employees. It brings together outstanding talents in the digital inkjet industry. The professional R & D team has more than 10 years of rich experience and has jointly created photo machines, UV flatbed machines, roll rubber machines, thermal The four major product series of Shenghua Industrial Direct Injection Machines are sold all over the world, and have established a good customer reputation and brand image.

Excellent Service Provided by TUCAN Printer

Before delivery: Confirm the content of the order and determine the exact delivery time.
Delivery service: Reasonable placement of products, to avoid damage in the process of
transportation, some special products, re-reinforcement, or custom metal frame.
Installation training service: Built after-sales service by the sales staff, technical manager(can use English), aftersales service commissioner and the composition of technical personnel at customer side, unified communication in the group of relevant information.
Follow-up services in the use of equipment: Customer problems arising from the use process, after-sales service commissioner will timely communication and to seek the aid of technical personnel, timely ditch and solve.
TUHUI will always put customers first place, and you can trust TUHUI will never let you down.