How can outdoor indoor photo printing effectively reduce costs?
In the printing advertising industry can be subdivided into indoor photo and outdoor printing, the entire advertising industry market cake is very large, but the industry competition is also very fierce, this edition focuses on indoor photo printing how to effectively reduce costs, for your friends reference.
What should I pay attention to when replacing the ink on the inkjet printer?
The inkjet photo machine often uses different inks, but because different inks have different chemical reagents and different solution compositions, and there are certain differences in chemical composition and color system composition, therefore, in the process of high frequency replacement, a little carelessness will cause a certain degree of damage to the machinery. So what should we pay attention to when replacing ink?
What are the most commonly used industrial printing methods today?
Printing is the process of using a plate or other means to transfer the graphic information on the original manuscript to the substrate, that is, the use of analog or digital image carriers to transfer the color agent/color material (such as ink) to the substrate copy process. Since the invention of woodcut movable-type printing technology in China, the printing methods have changed with each new day and are all-encompassing.
How to choose a digital printing machine?
Due to people's personalized needs for clothing, the field of textile clothing fabrics also tends to be personalized and comfortable. Digital printing process is more and more popular because of the advantages of high printing precision, no need to make plates, flexible batch, environmental protection, small footprint and so on. However, how enterprises choose their own textile digital printing machine has become a new problem.
DPES Guangzhou International Advertising Exhibition
Guangzhou Deju Digital Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the "DPES Guangzhou International Advertising Exhibition" digital printing equipment exhibition in August 2019.
Team spirit
There is a group of people with a common goal. They move forward in a common direction and accompany each other all the way. This is the team - Deju Digital If you trust this team, it will bring you success. If you don't trust this team, it doesn't matter. We will wait for you here with more professional technology and sincere attitude!
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