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3D Wall Printers: the Driving Force of Outdoor Advertisement

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Update time : 2021-08-17 17:45:14

3D Wall Printers: the Driving Force of Outdoor Advertisement

Entering the era of information fragmentation, most brands face many severe challenges to promote their products or services. In this era of attracting and sharing with the crowd, there are still a few outstanding brands with outdoor advertisements or advertising slogans, which are in the hearts of consumers and stand out. IPSOS, global market research, and public opinion specialists issued an analysis about customers’ memory towards popular, diversified, and outstanding slogans. The report found that most of the cited brands spread through online and offline multi-dissemination, and finally get closer to consumers’ lives. When the media is closer to customers’ life, customers will have a deeper memory of its products. 

At the same time, IPSOS discovered that the elevator media had the most prominent memory effect on the advertisement, followed by the Internet. Due to the relatively closed environment of the elevator itself, if an advertisement is placed in the elevator, it will naturally strengthen the audience's memory and subtly deepen the brand image in people's hearts. Therefore, for many emerging brands or brands that want to quickly exert consumer influence, elevators have naturally become the preferred brand communication medium.  

In fact, not only ladder media, but other types of outdoor media are also not outdone in the effect of advertising. The well-known data analysis company Nielsen found in a research that 66% of smartphone users will search for relevant content on their mobile phones because of an outdoor advertisement. High-quality outdoor advertisements can help brands complete online secondary publicity. As the so-called "existence is reasonable", with the development of the times, outdoor media is also undergoing transformation and upgrading, combining unique creativity and user communication to achieve the ultimate advertising effect.

To enhance the effect of an advertisement, here we have to mention a kind of wall printing machine which is born for indoor and outdoor advertisement. A Wall printing machine is a kind of automatic printing machine that can directly print the advertisement on the walls. With the development of technology, the most advanced wall printing machines now have been 3D wall printers.

3D Wall Printer Brings A More Realistic Advertisement 

3D wall printers’ working process is almost the same as most wall printing machines, but its final effect is much better, more realistic, and more attractive. 3D wall printing can be seen almost everywhere, such as school culture wall, government environmental program, scenic spot publicity culture, restaurant food culture publicity, new rural construction publicity column, interior decoration, etc... It is never exaggerated to say that where there are walls, there are stories of wall printing machines!
According to customers’ feedback and our researches on the outdoor advertisement. We discovered most brands’ 3D wall printers are almost the same, but one brand is pretty outstanding. Its print resolution gives us many surprises and the precision is pretty good. We would like to introduce its products and we have summarized its pros and cons in the table. 

TUHUI’s Excellent Products Features

TUHUI has independent research and development sector, so it can always satisfy the various needs of different customers. Therefore, TUHUI’s products are famous for high precision, high print resolution, and low cost. 
Simple operation: Computer and machines are integrated, no need to be equipped with extra laptops. According to the instruction, the software is easy to operate and will save time to train the worker. 
Unlimited substrate: Equipped with ink curing lights for UV model, no restriction on the substrate. It can print straight on the tile walls, glass walls, wood iron, internal and external putty walls, latex paint walls, mud walls, white, cement walls, etc... 
Lasting colors: TUHUI’s products have two types of inks. One is water-based ink and another is UV ink. The water-proof ink protection will make the color more lasting and more vivid. 
Easy to carry: It can be folded and easily carried through cars, vans, SUVs. It is portable and convenient to carry. The product did not need much cleaning. Even you don’t clean it, it can be used for at least 2 years. 
These features of TUHUI’s printing machines make them not only suitable for indoor decoration but also suitable for outdoor decoration. But as customers, we may be more curious about if there are any improvements or suggestions for the printers. 

But we also discover that TUHUI’s 3d wall printers still have some drawbacks and need to be improved. And here are some suggestions on the following lists. 
Improve the battery life: The battery life of TUHUI’s wall painting products only lasts for 8 hours, it is hard to cope with the long-time working in-house decoration. So if you want to print a huge image, you have to recharge the machines a few times. As for this drawback, some customers suggested that TUHUI improve the battery life to make the products work longer. 
Improve the smoothness of the painting: During the long working time(6-8 hours), the printers will be slightly far away from the setting track, so it needs the worker to adjust the EPSON print head and put it into the right position. Its offtrack will influence the smoothness of the painting, therefore, it needs the worker to supervise the operation of the machines. Though it will not influence the overall setting and feeling of the painting. It is suggested that TUHUI should improve the stability of the printers so that they can work better. 
Basically, these two problems probably will occur in any wall painting printer. It can not be solved immediately. But according to the R&D sector, TUHUI will strive to make it better. 

TUHUI’s Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Simple operation Short battery life
Unlimited substrate Rough surface
Lasting colors  
Easy to carry  

Future for Outdoor Media 

Outdoor media, as a communication medium with a relatively long history, has a relatively traditional model. But fortunately, more and more outdoor media companies have begun to seek transformation, do data empowerment in outdoor scenes, use technology to promote model changes, empower advertisers, create more "explosive" brands, and make online media is more valuable. Let us look forward to the day when outdoor media will achieve self-innovation in the era of the Internet of Things and fully enter the digital drive.
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