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Problems That Need Attention in UV Wall Printing Machine

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Update time : 2021-08-25 17:44:48

Problems That Need Attention in UV Wall Printing Machine

China’s Double 11 and the Black Friday in the United States has become a carnival for customers to buy whatever they want. These two shopping carnival seasons gradually become an important turning point in the history of the world’s e-commerce development. A global e-commerce market is forming. In these two peak sale seasons, printing machines especially UV wall printing machine will have a sharp increase. 


wall printer is a kind of machine that can print your artwork straight on the wall. UV wall printers’ working process is almost the same as most wall printing machines, but its final effect is much better, more realistic, and more attractive. UV wall printing machine can be seen almost everywhere, such as school culture wall, government environmental program, scenic spot publicity culture, restaurant food culture publicity, new rural construction publicity column, interior decoration, etc... It is never exaggerated to say that where there are walls, there are stories of wall printing machine! 


The Benefits of  Wall Printer

So what are the benefits of a wall art printer? According to our researches and experience, we summarized UV wall printers’ advantages as follows. 
Simple operation: Computer and machines are integrated, no need to be equipped with extra laptops. According to the instruction, the software is easy to operate and will save time to train the worker. 
Unlimited substrate: Equipped with ink curing lights for UV model, no restriction on the substrate. It can print straight on the tile walls, glass walls, wood iron, internal and external putty walls, latex paint walls, mud walls, white, cement walls, etc... 
Lasting colors: UV wall printers’ color is more lasting and more vivid for the wall, which makes the wall more colorful. 
Easy to carry: It can be folded and easily carried through cars, vans, SUVs. It is portable and convenient to carry. The product did not need much cleaning. Even you don’t clean it, it can be used for at least 2 years. 

                                                       wall printing machine
It has brought enormous opportunities for businessmen. Though many customers chose the UV wall printer as their first choice, they don’t know how to maintain the machine. If you don’t pay attention during the process, it will easily cause things that the UV printer will appear some problems. Here are some suggestions based on the wall printer manufacturers and the feedback of the customers. 

Maintenance for 3d Wall Printer

A Wall UV Printer usually consists of a print head, filter, ink, and some software. And problems will often occur in these parts. So we will mainly describe the daily maintenance of these parts. 

1. Daily maintenance of UV printer’s print head

Attention should be paid to the maintenance of the print head during production and shutdown. When performing manual operations such as exhaust, pipe adjustment, and wiping the print head, the entire process of dust-proof and anti-static protection should be done to avoid improper operation causing dust to be adsorbed on the print head. Defects such as blocking points. When wiping the nozzle, wear protective gloves and use a special dust-free cloth soaked in cleaning fluid.

2. Daily maintenance of Wall printing machine

Wipe and clean the fuselage, and clean up the non-working surface racks, nozzle shells, boards, etc. in time. Pay attention to check whether there are any abnormalities such as air leakage, ink leakage, air bubbles, ink precipitation, etc. in the ink inlet and outlet pipes. During the cleaning operation, pay attention to disconnect the power of the nozzle, discharge the static electricity on the body, and take dust-proof measures.

3. Regular replacement of UVwall printer filter

Replace the filter regularly. The filter is an important part of the protection of the nozzle under normal working conditions. After a long time of use, some residues will be deposited, which will affect the efficiency of the filter, thereby affecting the nozzle and the machine.

4. The ink system of the wall inkjet printer should be cleaned regularly

Regularly clean the entire ink circuit system. After a long-running time, ink tanks, filters, pipelines, nozzles, etc. will have certain ink particles deposition and adsorption. Timely and thorough cleaning is conducive to the overall good operation of the inkjet machine and the stability of later production. Wash carefully.

5. UVwall  printer inkjet software maintenance

The parameters of the ink-jet software are frequently observed and should not be modified at will. The configuration files on the machine are regularly backed up so that the system can quickly restore various settings when the system crashes due to unexpected circumstances and regularly check and kill computer viruses.
These suggestions are some basic suggestions, but once you had paid attention to these problems, you can solve many problems that occur in the working process. If some problems are not described above, it is suggested that you should contact the seller for after-sale service.    
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