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Causes of UV flatbed printer flying ink and cross color

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Update time : 2020-06-09 15:42:29

Causes of UV flatbed printer flying ink and cross color

When UV flatbed printers print some materials, there will be burrs, chaotic spots, and blurred lines. After investigation and analysis by technical staff, it was confirmed that it was caused by the "floating ink" of the customer equipment nozzle. It is necessary to immediately stop the production operation of the equipment, reset the origin of the equipment, and then conduct detailed troubleshooting.


  Cause one: The printer head is broken.

  Solution: plugging the printer head will cause the printer head to break, so that the amount of ink sprayed in a certain color is insufficient during the printing process, which is shown by burrs and blurred lines. Check the status of the print head carefully. You can check the status by printing a test strip. If clogging is found, the lines are unclear and intermittent, you need to clean the inside of the printer head with cleaning fluid. There are many reasons for the clogging of the nozzle. Customers and friends can clean the printer head 1-2 times. If it is serious, you need to use alcohol After 24 hours of infiltration, wash again to eliminate hidden dangers.


  Cause two: The distance between the printer head and the medium is too high.

  It may be that the printer head is too high from the surface of the medium, so that the ink droplets cannot be sprayed on the surface of the medium in a straight line, which causes the phenomenon of floating ink. Of course, the printed image will have random spots, burrs, ghosting and other phenomena. Usually when the print head is more than 8cm away from the printing material, the phenomenon of floating ink will appear, so when printing, please check the height, if it exceeds, you need to lower it.


  Cause three: The voltage of the printer head is too high.

  It may be caused by too high voltage. The uv flatbed printer head uses the Ricoh G5 printer head, which has strict requirements on the operating voltage. If the voltage is unstable or the voltage is too high, it will inevitably cause the device to not operate normally. Check whether the voltage displayed by the indicator light is red and alarm. If it is found that there are circuits of other accessories on the voltage board of the printer head, it means that it is a modified uv flatbed printer. If the lines are integrated, it will only be solved by replacing the board. If the conditions are limited, please equip the corresponding voltage stabilizer to ensure the proper voltage environment of the device.


  Cause four: The reason for the electronic control system.

  There are also very rare cases of problems with the UV flat panel electrical control system. The electrical control system controls the impulse firing interval unreasonably. During the operation of the device, the pulse interferes with the flight path of the ink droplets, resulting in unsatisfactory picture effects. The pulse spacing of the nozzle controlled by the electronic control system is unreasonable. This manufacturer's design of the hardware structure is not standardized, and the manufacturer needs to send technical personnel to solve it.

  There are two reasons for the pattern cross-color in the UV flatbed printer. One is the printer head spraying diagonally, and the other is the circuit board card problem.


  First of all, let's talk about the solution of the printer head spray. The oblique spray of the printer head may be blocked internally, and the interior of the printer head needs to be cleaned to ensure the smoothness of the internal passage. If the printer head is still clogged obliquely after cleaning, you should consider replacing the printer head. At present, most of the printer head used in UV flatbed machines on the market are fifth-generation oil printer head, non-aqueous and other printer head. When replacing the printer head, it is best to find the original manufacturer to buy, because their printer head are the most suitable for the printer, and they are all original imported.


 Secondly, there is a problem with the circuit board card. Because the phenomenon of oblique spraying of circuit board cards is mainly concentrated on the modified universal flatbed printers, self-developed flatbed printers are not common. Because the modified printer is a circuit board that uses photo machines, printers and other equipment, in order to realize the UV printing process, the manufacturer will put a lot of things on the original circuit board, which causes the UV tablet machine to be extremely unstable and cause problems Unusually, it is recommended that users directly contact the manufacturer to solve this situation. This shows that when we buy a universal flatbed printer, it is best to find a regular manufacturer and buy a machine that they independently research and develop, so that the relative product technology is much more mature.

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