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Main Application of UV Printer

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Main Application of UV Printer

With the rapid development of the economy and the overall improvement of the quality of the people, China has entered a competitive situation of "no personality, difficult to survive". Many traditional industries are facing a strong impact from the personalized customization market. In view of this situation, let's analyze the main application of UV printing in various industries.
Tile Background Wall
China is a large country of ceramics, and ceramic production has a long history. As for ceramics, what we mainly talk about is the home decoration industry where we widely use wall tiles, floor tiles and so on. With the change of the market,UV printing on ceramics is gradually encroaching on the traditional background wall industry, in which UV printing in this respect can not be ignored.
  1. Rich and unlimited pattern printing, super 3D effect.
  2. Simple operation, extremely low labor cost input, one person can operate.
  3. UV flatbed printer printing effect is no inferior to other process of famous brand background wall effect.
  4. There is no requirement of quantity, one piece can be printed and DIY at will.
  5. Low price UV tile background wall has become a pursuit.

Art floor
Flooring is a wood-skin mosaic of different colors and tree species, showing concrete or abstract patterns on the wood. Flatbed printer on wood becomes the mainstream of the wood flooring market because of very decorative sense. Relying on changing colorful colors, meticulous craftsmanship, personality fashion settings, it enjoys great popularity by the masses. The customization of these individual patterns also depends on the innovation of digital printing technology, so UV printing applications on the floor are becoming more and more popular.
The traditional mosaic wood flooring is made of multi-layer solid wood flooring. At the same time, different kinds of wood colors and textures are used to splice various shapes and patterns to achieve different decorative effects. According to introduction, a bit of patterns even need more than 20 different wood splicing, the process is very complex. Modern processes, such as UV printing, can achieve a variety of decorative effects on a plate.         


All kinds of doors and windows
Doors and windows are important components of architectural modeling (virtual reality contrast, artistic effect, play an important role) so their shape, size, proportion, arrangement, color, modeling and so on have a great effect to the overall shape of the building. Traditional doors and windows are wood panels, need a variety of meticulous craft, can show a variety of patterns and shapes. UV flatbed glass printer can print directly on doors and windows with various personality patterns and custom modeling, beautify the space, very popular in the home industry.

3C home appliance panel
In the household electrical appliance industry, UV flat printing equipment, as a processing technology on the production line, to avoid repeated overprinting, color complex, screen effects monotonous and many other problems, can make simple design patterns with more eye-catching performance. At the same time, because of the special manufacturing process involved, and the rapid updating speed of the pattern, the added value of the product is greatly increased, and the difficulty of the product being imitated in the market is greatly increased. Also add more colorful style in the current market which has too much similar products with the appearance.
Electronic products such as computer, mobile phone and digital camera are changing with each passing day. Consumers' pursuit of electronic products is no longer confined to function and practicality. More attention is paid to fashion electronic products with personalized appearance. Through the improvement of technology or the characteristics of modeling, it is restricted by technology and materials. the appearance of UV printer has brought a new manufacturing process to 3C electronic products. It is not subject to product materials, process requirements, modeling constraints, and has customized features, as easy as to the photo studio to wash photos.
Gift packaging
With the development of digital technology, the application of advanced technology, the enhancement of economic and environmental awareness and the change of printing market, the market share of flexographic printing, UV inkjet printing and combination printing in packaging printing is increasing rapidly.
For the high-grade packaging and labels of some famous and excellent brand products, a single printing method cannot achieve many expected effects, but organical combinations of flexography, gravure printing, screen printing and UV digital printing, and other technologies, such as flexo printing, gravure printing, screen printing and UV digital printing, etc. can avoid the weakness of a single printing method. Unit type flexographic printing production line, and gravure printing, screen printing machine,group exchange, combined printing, and can be glazed, hot printing, film mulching and other on-line printing processing. And such a product also can not be copied, makes a very useful characteristics.
Advertising sign
UV label printing machine is a perfect combination of UV curing ink and digital ink jet printing technology . Its appearance makes the traditional advertiser have diversified development in painting printing. On KT board, Schaefer board, plexiglass, aluminum plate, aluminum board and other advertising board directly spray printing the required patterns, instead of painting plus film coating process, and no degumming, no foaming, save time and high efficiency. In the process of sign making, various printing schemes can be used to make relief effect and smooth oil effect. Make the logo more vivid and visible.

Except for the above application, UV digital inkjet printer also be applied in many fields. It all depends on your need!
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