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Innovative technology of 3D smart wall painting machine

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Update time : 2021-10-15 18:27:56
Housing has always been a hot topic no matter where it is, no matter what era, and with the improvement of people’s living conditions in recent years, people’s requirements for interior decoration have also become higher and higher, and the home decoration industry has always had a good Development trend. Among the many wall decorations, affected by the trend of new decoration concepts, the decorative effect of the 3D smart wall painting machine has been recognized by the market, and the greater impact is because of the innovation of the 3D smart wall painting machine. Sexual technological breakthroughs have greatly simplified the home improvement process, and even people without any experience can become masters of art painting.  

3d wall printing machine

The 3D smart wall painting machine turns the manual wall painting into a mechanized process. It can be said that the picture sprayed out is just like the picture seen on our computer. Realize wall painting mechanically and intelligently, as well as a powerful library. What kind of pattern and style the customer likes, as long as there is an intelligent 3D intelligent wall painting machine, it can show the master-class painting effect.

The smart 3D smart wall painting machine has changed people's traditional perception of the decoration industry, adding new ways to people's decoration methods, combining art and life through the application of a large number of new technologies, and fusing the advantages of hand-painted and wallpaper At the same time, it also helps the decoration enterprises and customers save a lot of costs, and helps people achieve the decoration pursuit of the master art level, but the cost is close to the people.
The wall coating machine technology used by the wall painting machine is a brand-new technology, which is directly controlled by a computer, and the wall painting machine can restore the pictures that can appear on the computer. Listed below are several new technologies used in wall printer products currently on the market.

1. Power-off battery life
The simple explanation of this technical highlight is that after turning off the machine, it can start from the part that was printed when it was turned off. There is no need for complicated alignment and no need to start over again. The finished printing screen can be printed again the next day, so don’t worry too much even if something unexpected happens.

2. Dual infrared sensors
There may be too many uncontrollable factors in the process of directly printing pictures on the wall, especially the seemingly flat wall contains many unevennesses, and the sensitive infrared sensor plays a big role. It can not only identify and avoid obstacles to protect the printer head, but also make the wall printing effect more docile and perfect. Although infrared sensing is not a very new technology, sensitivity and good use are very important. Under the dual blessing of the intelligent control system and professional software algorithms, it can perfectly avoid obstacles within the range of 5CM before and after.

3. Surface tracking
The curved surface tracking technology is based on the upgraded function of the sensitive infrared sensor. The curved surface painting system can support micro-curved surface painting. With this function, the machine can print on a wider range of walls. Compared with other painting machines, it is competitive in the market. More powerful, can bring higher printing unit price to buyers.

4. Detachable head
The most important part of the wall painting machine is the printer head, because it directly touches the wall during use, which is the most prone to failure of the whole machine. The detachable and modular head is not only convenient for transportation, but it can be replaced in a modular manner once a problem occurs in the later stage, which not only saves after-sales costs, but also greatly saves maintenance time and avoids delays in construction.

5. Spatial positioning system
Grating strip positioning is currently the most common method, but wall painting is generally done outdoors. Grating strips are easily affected by dust, sunlight and other factors, which can cause machine positioning to fail and cause garbled pictures. Therefore, grating strip positioning is not a technical highlight. On the contrary, It is the technical difficulty to be solved. At present, independent research and development of spatial positioning systems appear on the market that do not require grating strips, but are accurately positioned through software algorithms, which can avoid such problems.

The above are the relatively new technologies currently applied by TUHUI in the wall printer products sold on the market. If there are companies or individuals who need to buy wall printers, when you choose a product, you can decide which product to choose based on your needs and whether the new technology meets your business development.
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