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UV printer application in glass sliding door industry

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Update time : 2021-10-13 16:20:57
With the development of modern society and the improvement of life, modern people's aesthetic concepts have changed. The transparency and purity of glass sliding doors always give people a refreshing and comfortable feeling, and they are more and more used in architecture and home. home furnishings demand for individuality and beauty; commercial decoration also pays more attention to fashion and beauty. The market research report and the hot situation of the interior decoration industry undoubtedly show that the sliding door decoration has become an important part of the decoration, and it also contains huge business opportunities! The uv printer does not need to make a plate, and does not need to repeat the color registration. You can directly color print any pattern on the glass sliding door, which can satisfy consumers who can freely combine the pattern color printing according to their own preferences and the needs of the place.

According to the prediction of authoritative experts of the Interior Decoration Industry Association: in the next 3 to 5 years, the global decoration industry will usher in the second period of rapid development, and the market demand will increase at a rate of 30% per year. It is estimated that by 2025, the output value of the global decoration industry will be Beyond new heights! The housing market was once hot, and the necessary "decoration demand" for residences and the corresponding "home improvement consumption" will continue to rise, and the global cost of residential decoration is very huge. At present, the decoration rate of newly built houses worldwide has reached more than 90%. According to a sample of megacities around the world, more than 41.3 households are currently preparing to renovate. This undoubtedly shows that the huge market of home decoration and decoration industry is entering an unprecedented period of rapid development.
Glass sliding doors can be widely used in: office, hotels, kindergartens, toilets, entertainment and public places furniture, doors and windows, desktops, countertops, coffee tables, stoves and other environments. The glass sliding door can quickly change the interior design style, and the uv printer can change the sliding door pattern at will, and the color printing effect is beautiful and generous.

Commonly used places for daily glass sliding doors:
1. Commercial premises: office buildings, companies, apartments, hotels, hotels, clubs, bathing centers, etc. To
2. Large-scale exhibitions: exhibitions, booth decoration, high-end counters, house exhibitions, auto shows, exhibitions, corporate image walls, etc.
3. Home decoration: screen, sofa background wall, bedside background wall, TV background wall, theme wall, entrance, restaurant background wall, study room, etc.
4. Entertainment clubs: chess and card rooms, leisure pavilions, bars, KTV centers, coffee shops, theaters, specialty restaurants, Internet cafes, supermarkets, fitness centers, beauty salons, restaurants, beauty centers, tea houses, shopping malls and other places.

The glass uv printer brings you unlimited possibilities and unlimited printing. It adopts a new non-contact printing method, no plate making, suitable for any material, and a wide range of compatibility, not just glass sliding doors.
The advantages of glass uv printers for color printing glass sliding door patterns are divided into applicable materials, ink costs, color effects, and advantageous technologies. It is suitable for any material and satisfies various shapes: flat, arc and round, without limitation, and the compatibility is extremely wide. It is fully suitable for industrial mass production.
Although the price of a liter of ink is several hundred yuan, a bottle of ink can print one or two hundred square meters. On average, it is only about 10 yuan for a square with a pattern. Although it is more expensive than traditional printing, The glass sliding door printing machine is highly efficient, which reduces labor and time costs. Adopt continuous ink supply system: It is convenient to add ink, while reducing printing cost. Compared with the existing thermal transfer process, it can save more than 80% of the cost.

The TUHUI brand glass uv printer is equipped with professional color management software, which can change the color anywhere without paying additional fees. Full-color image, complete at one time, progressive color fully achieves the photo quality effect, accurate positioning, and zero reject rate. The unique technology of preventing nozzle clogging can automatically clean the print head in various modes according to the consumer's choice, so as to prevent nozzle clogging. The height can be adjusted according to the printed objects, and the horizontally movable vertical jet structure is adopted, so that various raw materials can be used conveniently and freely. After being easily placed, it can be automatically lifted to a suitable printing height. And the batch production time can be set at will, eliminating the need to repeat the steps of operating the computer. With the current hot situation of the interior decoration industry in the market, sliding door decoration has become an important part of the decoration. With such a big business opportunity, TUHUI's uv printer can be fully grasped. Standing at the forefront of the development of the interior decoration industry and increasing more profits, the efficient Ricoh uv printer fully meets the aesthetic and fashionable needs of modern people, and fully meets the needs of glass color printing patterns in various places.
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